Pensioners are unfortunately faced with some of the toughest circumstances when it comes

to proper and sufficient legal assistance. On one hand they have limited finances in their

retirement years, and on the other they may be in dire need of legal services.  After all, just

because you have retired, does not mean your legal problems have retired too.

At Van Heerden – Locke Attorneys we believe that pensioners that have worked hard their

entire lives should be entitled to discounts when they retire.  With the knowledge that all

pension pots only go so far, we are happy to do our bit to give back to the community.



So what are the options for seniors looking for reliable yet cost-effective legal


Van Heerden – Locke Attorneys offer a discount on normal tariffs to pensioners provided that

they meet the requirements as set out below.  We view it as our ethical responsibility and a

positive way of strengthening relationships while helping to better the community.

Do you qualify?

You must be:

~             A permanent resident of South Africa

~             65 years of age or older

~             In possession of a valid South African ID or driver’s license

~             In possession of official documents that prove that you are receiving and old age,

               family or disability allowance or pension

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