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Family Law includes a variety of closely related subjects. 

At Van Heerden – Locke Attorneys we understand that these matters can be of an extremely

personal nature.  We therefore strive to provide our clients with professional legal assistance,

while ensuring and respecting their privacy.

Each client’s matter is handled with the utmost consideration and discretion.

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Children’s Matters

                             ~ Parental rights and responsibilities

                             ~ Parenting plans

                             ~ Mediation

                             ~ Court proceedings

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                             ~ Spousal maintenance

                             ~ Minors

                             ~ Other dependants

                             ~ Possible settlement

                             ~ Court proceedings

4 divorce pic


                           ~ Institution / defending of proceedings

                           ~ Negotiations

                           ~ Division of matrimonial property

                           ~ Possible settlement

                           ~ All related court proceedings

5 domestic violence pic

Domestic Violence

                           ~ Protection orders

                           ~ Undertakings of restraint

                           ~ Mediation

                           ~ Possible settlement

                           ~ Court proceedings

6 matrimonial law pic

Matrimonial Matters

                           ~Matrimonial property regimes

                           ~ Antenuptial  contracts

                           ~ Settlement agreements