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Have you ever loaned money to someone who promised to pay you back, but never did?

Every time you demand payment you are faced with more promises and delay tactics?

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Don’t be further frustrated in getting back what is legally yours. If you are tired of hearing

excuses and looking for firm legal assistance that is effective in getting results, you need look

no further… give us a call. We pride ourselves in our persuasiveness and persistence.

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Are you perhaps a professional struggling to get payment from your clients for services

that you have rendered to them?

Debt collection can be a time consuming process.  As a professional you may simply not have

the time and resources to waste on collecting money from clients, especially when dealing

with various clients who from month to month keep falling further into arrears. At Van Heerden

– Locke Attorneys we follow a hands-on approach and continuous follow-up procedure until

ultimately the debt is settled.

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Whether debt collection is a once-off problem for you, or an ongoing concern, we will be able

to assist you with solutions tailor made according to your specific circumstances and needs.