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With the correct amount of determination, as well as tact, we believe every dispute can be


In the past, when faced with a dispute, it was believed by many legal practitioners that the only

way to resolve the matter was through aggressive litigation.  Litigation is of course a very

important and sometimes the most viable solution to a client’s predicament.

Unfortunately, litigation is sometimes also two other things:  lengthy and costly.  The truth is

that for many members of the public litigation is not a realistic option due to its often time-

consuming and expensive nature.

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Fortunately, there are other options available and we view it as part of our duty to our clients to

advise them on alternative strategies to place them in the best possible position towards

realizing their interests.

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 For example, strategic and skilled mediation must not be underestimated as a powerful

dispute resolution strategy.  It is often the quickest, most cost-effective solution to achieving an

amicable outcome for all parties concerned.